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Do you like glass in many shapes and colors?
If yes, please click the picture

See my marvellous glass dish here


See my painting "running man" here

To Tuncay Demirīs gallery 



Please click the picture - a fine Danish site for those who loves stone sculptures





Links to exciting places and people
A site with Danish artists
Galerie Visnja
A highly gifted German painter.
Beautiful colours and shape.
A SUPER Danish art site 
Ryszard Kalamarz
A highly gifted artist from Poland. You wonīt regret visiting his site - itīs SO beautiful !!!
An exiting Danish painter
Take a look upon 
Gallery Inside in Copenhagen

Danish art database with search function

A comprehensive international art guide

A couple of Danish art auctions     

A contemporary Danish, well established painter. Unforetunately he has no homepage, but please click the picture to find links to his production.
If you want to contact the artist use this email nagelfar@mail.tele.dk

I myself am a great lover of stone scupltures, and here youīll find a link 
to another stone cutter

If you want to contact the artits use this email sten.stoffer@sol.dk

Online sale of all about art: postcards, 
music, scupltures, posters, art books etc.

A Danish art link

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